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About Us

Theory R Properties was founded in 2002 by Gary Daichendt, the former executive vice president of worldwide operations for Cisco Systems Inc. After a successful career that included being the number 2 executive of what was once the world's highest market cap company, Gary desired to start an investment firm that would offer not only great returns but also reflect a high level of integrity in the marketplace.

The name 'Theory R' is meant to reflect a constant reminder to "do what is Right." As a young executive, Gary became convicted when listening to a Christian radio talk station where the guest espoused that when contemplating a business decision, it becomes readily apparent as to what "the Right Thing to Do is" if we will only ask ourselves that question. The guest referred to this as Theory R. Gary used this phrase and philosophy in his career from that day forward and was delighted to name his investment firm after it.

Our Founder

Gary Daichendt is the founder and Chairman of the commercial real estate firm, TheoryR Properties. He retired from Cisco Systems in December, 2000 where he was the Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations. Gary joined Cisco in 1994 as Vice President of Intercontinental Operations and soon became Senior Vice President of Worldwide Operations. In 1998, Gary was promoted to Executive Vice President of Worldwide Operations with worldwide responsibility for sales, support, distribution, manufacturing, and strategic alliances. As the second highest ranking executive at Cisco, he led a team of 12,000 employees in over 100 countries, increasing operational revenues and profits by over 50% per annum. After Cisco, he also briefly served as president and COO of Nortel Networks.

Prior to joining Cisco, he spent 10 years at IBM in various engineering, sales, marketing, and management positions and 8 years at Wang Laboratories serving as Vice President of Central Operations and Vice President of Marketing. He is co-author of the book, I-Operations, and serves on the public boards of NCR Corporation, Juniper Networks, Polycom and Emulex. He has also served on the boards of multiple Christian organizations including Azusa Pacific University, Walk Thru the Bible, Living on the Edge, and NAEN Ministries. He holds a M.S. in Mathematics from Ohio State University and a B.A. from Youngstown State University. He and his wife, Cathy, reside in California.

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