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Theory R Properties

Theory R Properties is a west coast based investment firm that was founded in 2002 to focus on specific commercial property investments. Our strategy is to acquire and enhance unique mid-tier commercial properties ($10M to $100M) that require active management. Our capable and experienced staff directly manages the operations and improvements to all of our properties. We are 'active' not passive investors. This has resulted in increased income returns as well as significant property value appreciation.

The uniqueness of our properties is represented in ocean front, bay front, airport runway, or even unique acreage in prosperous communities such as Orange County, California; Malibu, California and Scottsdale, Arizona. We partner with the local communities with genuine interest in 'win win' scenarios for the community, our tenants and Theory R. Our philosophy is also to maintain low leverage reducing downside risk and lowering our borrowing costs. By applying our experience and expertise in active daily management of the properties, we increase the upside value and income levels of our investments. We are long term investors.

What separates us from other commercial property investment firms is our remarkably low administrative overhead, ability to negotiate and close on transactions quickly, and the absence of a 'purchase and flip' mentality. It is always our desire that the people we do business with recognize integrity in every transaction.

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